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As much as I luv all things hair, I also luv all things natural for my body. It was when I came to realise that what you put on your body, enters into your body etc, that I got into making my own Natural bath & body products. Most people will know about the perils of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)  in hair care products basically stripping the hair due to their harshness. I say ‘their’ because sulfate based products are usually accompanied by other sulfates like Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (AMS,) and  Sodium Laureth Sulfates (SLEs) in a product. This led me to make my own Cold Process Soap Shampoo Bar. This enables me to put all the good things I want into my shampoo whilst keeping all the stuff I don’t want, out!! My shampoo bar generally consists of Rosemary, Sage, Nettle leaf, Horsetail, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil to name a few. See an example of my  Shampoo bar below:
This expanded into other body products like Whipped Hair & Body Butters:
And Bath Bombs
And Body Soaps
I am currently curing a batch of Rhassoul Clay Spa Bars. I call them Spa Bars because using them is like a Spa experience…… I’ve only recently started using rhassoul clay  in my hair, I basically incorporated it into a conditioner I made using BTMS (Behentrimonium Methosulfate).  This is Not to be confused with the Sulfates I mentioned earlier, rather it is a conditioning emulsifyer, that binds water and oils together but I will get into that in another post. My 1st experience using it in my hair was a very positive one, it left my hair feeling ultra soft and easily detangled. I can’t wait to use it again!
I’ve worked out that the only thing I use on my hair & body that I don’t make myself is Shampoo*. I may 1 day look into making this but I haven’t decided yet……Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any additional questions I haven’t answered. Until then fellow Kinksters, stay Kinky.
*Update – I’ve been experimenting with different surfactants to produce a liquid moisturising conditioning shampoo as I’m yet to find a shampoo that doesn’t dry out my hair. I’ve been like the mad scientist, tinkering and tweaking potions until I’ve hit upon the best shampoo I’ve ever used. It’s the best thing since slice bread!!….really, it’s that good… My partners been using it on his locs and he’s loving the fact it doesn’t leave his locks dry and hard like conventional shampoo. Of course it has no sulphates or any of the other nasties associated with commercial shampoos. I’ve been working on my hair range to go alongside my bath & body line, I just need to finalise formulas etc then get it safety assessed like I did with my bath & body line(4 yrs ago), then I will be making the range available officially (friends & family have been using the hair range for months)…… so watch this space……….
This weekend  (26th Feb 2012) I’ve been very busy so I’ve updated this album with some more pics.
Here are some other goodies I made. My brother wanted a shaving lotion and   a whipped butter he could use on his head (he has no hair) and his face. I also did him a lip balm and a solid body melt, oh and I made myself some conditioners:
My Rhassoul Clay Spa Bar finally cured and off to it’s new owner!!

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    • Thank u

      I currently do them for friends and family. They have been safety assessed by a Lab so I can sell them to the public, but I’m a bit lazy at present…But I do plan to in the near future. I just have so many things in the pipeline at the moment…..

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