Where you been Kinks?

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Hey one and all! How ya’ll doing??

I’m going to skim pass the fact that I haven’t blogged for the best part of a year…….aside from just getting caught up in life, there’s really no other excuse as to why its been a minute since I’ve frequented my blog.

This year has been a busy one for Shea Decadence London and for me personally. My father died unexpectedly in March and a friend also died unexpectedly of a heart attack 2wks ago! I’ve had a few more curve balls to deal with but I’m now coming out the other end.

More on a business level, Shea Decadence London has exhibited at a number of events this year. The ones that really stick out are the Woman in the jungle event hosted by Wunmi, and the Curlvolution event hosted by Bukky. Both were great events as always and had a great line up. Taren Guy was on board at the Curlvolution event with her ‘Luv and learn Your Hair’ words of wisdom! It was fab to see so many woman embracing their different textures and the best part was assisting those who were not too sure how to maintain or bring out their best kink, curl or wave. As always, we always demonstrate using your own hair how to get the best out of our products:




Playing around in the Lovely Kara of Natural Curlies gorgeous kinks!


Strands to the left with no product – Strands to the right after applying our 3 Step Prep System for defined moisturised curls


It was great to see so many of our existing customers/friends whom made a beeline for us and also to meet lots of new kinky folk!




The lovely Tope of Mahogany Naturals

If you’ve been over to our website in the last few months, you will notice we have a new one! We also have lots of new goodies like the Nourish & Repair Hair & Scalp Tonic. This product has been formulated to promote healthy hair growth by creating a healthy foundation. It contains Cassia which many refer to as neutral henna, so you get all the strengthening properties without the colour. It also contains amongst other things: Amla, Seaweed & Neem. It’s an excellent tonic for the scalp and additionally can be used as a hot oil treatment, to seal your ends or/and added to your conditioner for extra oomph.

We’ve also added the Sweet Honey Monoi Purée. This is a styling serum similar to our Jamaican Black Castor & Nilotica Balm but more fluid in texture. It gives a crazy shine on wet or damp hair as well providing hold for twist/braid outs, wash n goes and only a small amount of product is required:


As with most of our products they are suitable for most textures whether relaxed or natural and have dual uses/purpose. I actually use it before I straighten my hair, to do Bantu knot outs and as a hot oil treatment:


Hair lightly straightened using Sweet Honey Monoi Puree




Bantu Knot out on lightly straightened hair using Sweet Honey Monoi Puree

So that’s just a quick recap of where were at, at the moment!
I’ll be back soon for more updates x

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