Good morning one and all!!

Well its been a while since Iv’e posted on here!!

Iv’e been busy like you wouldn’t believe!! Events coming out of my ears, stockists to deal with and shops to fill as well as my day to day orders, oh and lets not forget the day job or should that be day, night or whatever hour they feel like calling me!!

Luckily whilst all this has been going on, my boo has been away so I haven’t had to worry about splitting my time, but now he’s back and already my time is no longer my own…..wouldnt have it anyother way though!!

So what’s been happening?? Well for our South East London Customers, the Shea Decadence and Kinks Hair Range is now available at The Calabash of Culture, 21 Sydenham Rd, SE26. The shop is a cool hub of handmade wooden furniture, host of literature; autobiographies, cookbooks from around the world and the Honey Hive which caters for vegetarians. Have a look for yourselves:





So if you can’t wait for your order to be posted out (although our orders are normally posted within the day) or if you want to try the product on your hair before purchasing, then head on down to the Calabash of Culture to stock up!!

That leads me on to my next venture!!

Shea Decadence/Kinks are excited to be a part of the Mobile Chic Boutique, London. Our Range will be available at the Pop up Shop which opens on Monday. There will also be a Launch on 1st November so feel free to register to attend, I’d luv to see you there!


I’ll be heading up to the shop on Sunday to stock the shelves!! I’ll try to ensure there’s enough Cocoa Frappuccino, as that leave in just flys off the shelves at the Calabash of culture!

So for all my lovely customers in North London and the surrounding areas, you know have a brick and mortar Boutique to purchase your decadent treats!! We’ll be there for at least the next 5wks, and I’ll be popping in from time to time to show how best to use the products etc







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