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Hi peeps

Just a quick update on products we will be adding to the website over the weekend!

Kinky Girls Essential Kit!



If you want to try our products but not sure where to start, then this is for you!! This Kit has been put together to start you on your healthy hair journey (HHJ)!
Jamaican Black Castor and Nilotica Conditioning Shampoo: is a highly moisturising sulfate free shampoo that will add moisture to your delicate strands rather than take away. This shampoo contains amongst other things – Aloe Vera Gel which Provides the building blocks for healthy scalp and hair and moisturising organic Nilotica Shea butter;
Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque: Cleanse, soften and define YOUR kinks with this lush mineral rich natural clay cleanser. Rhassoul clay gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its natural oils. We don’t stop there, we add Aloe Vera Gel, Seaweed and lots more goodies!!
Fusion Finishing Rinse: Organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar infused with extracts of Marshmallow root, Horsetail, Burdock root, Nettle and Coltsfoot. When we use shampoo, it raises the natural pH of our hair, Apple Cider Vinegar removes build up, closes the cuticle and restores the pH. We’ve infused our rinse with a bunch of hair loving herbs, for instance Horsetail is high in silica which is necessary to create new hair, Nettle regenerates hair growth and relieves dandruff etc etc.
Cocoa Frappuccino (Moisture plus): Our best seller is a rich concentrated leave in conditioner that will soften the driest of kinks on contact! Organic unrefined Black Cocoa butter, Organic Premium Nilotica Shea butter, Jamaican Black Castor oil, Panthenol and Silk are just a few choice ingredients that make up this lush nourishing conditioner.

All this in a clear reusable drawstring bag in *100ml sizes making it ideal for travelling. The Kits are £24.99 offering excellent value!

You can choose your choice of sealant to complete the kit. Choose from Sweet Marmalade Pomade – a gorgeous balm which gives an amazing high shine and excellent at defining twist and braid outs. Key ingredients: Kukui Nut Butter, Macadamia Butter, Organic Castor oil and Carrot Seed Oil. Does not contain Shea Butter for those who cannot use Shea. Also beeswax free so suitable for loc wearers who don’t like to use beeswax. Or Jamaican Black Castor & Nilotica Balm – a soft textured balm with a high percentage of JBCO added. Great for slicking back edges and giving hold to twist and braid outs and any other style. If you prefer a butter, then try our Creamy Nilotica Whip which melts on contact. Will not leave your hair greasy.



We sold out of these kits at Curlfriends (Curlvolution) and expect the same once placed on the website. There will be 10 available as we have already sold 2 since putting a notification up on Facebook.

*Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque is 113g

We have also added the Replenishing Skin Range to the website (finally!!)

Replenishing Skin SalveReplenishing Skin SalveReplenishing Skin Oil

The Range currently consists of a Salve and Body oil.

The Replenishing Skin Range is a reparative blend of organic butters and Amazonian oils infused with Plantain, Chickweed, Comfrey, Calendula and Neem Leaf to aid with itchy skin conditions. Amazonian organic Pracaxi oil is added to promote cellular renewal and to alleviate redness and itching. More over, it help reduce discolouration and depigmentation often associated with Eczema and Psoriasis. We additionally add lashings of  Tamanu oil and transdermal Emu oil and top it all off with a dash of palmorosa and Lavender essential oil.

The Range is proving very successful against dry skin conditions such as Eczema:-

 “Please can I order another salve that you made for my daughter. Its really good! The salve is definitely working. She doesn’t have as much dry patches and because it has lavender in it, she sleeps good too!”


4 responses to “New products

  1. It sounds like I need to get me some of that salve! I’ve been struggling to find a decent body moisturiser and I also need to find one for my face. I’ve always had eczema and sensitive skin and some of the pure butters and oils are too greasy and cause greasy lines on my clothes when I’m getting dressed. Do you do a face moisturiser~?

    • Hey girl! The Omega Rich or Nourishing serum comes highly recommended. It is not greasy at all and sinks right in. I have greasy skin and have no problem using either. The serums are a mix of organic oils chosen to fight against wrinkles/aging/dry skin/ free radicals etc. For my body I use my Skin Bliss Body Gloss on damp skin! Locks moisture in all day. For eczema definitely the Replenishing Skin Salve or Skin Oil

  2. I would like to order the curly kit but what is the price for shipping in the US?

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