Weekend of the 25th May 2013

Oh what fun was had this weekend!! Busy or what??

I’ve had Events for 3 wks in a row, starting with Dulwich Festival, followed by Hilton Olympia and Curlsfriend (Curlvolution)!


Who attended Curlvolution? Was it not amaze balls??

It took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Docklands. This has to be my favourite Venue bar none. This is the 3rd time I’ve been to this venue. The other 2 times were 2inspire Ladies Day. It’s a gorgeous setting especially when the sun is out which luckily it was for that day. It’s a light and airy space, not pokey!

The Event was held in 2 rooms, 1 room where the majority of stall holders were located and the main hall where all the talks/fashion show etc took place. Sheabutter Cottage and BeUnique were also in this room. I’m not sure whether any other vendors were positioned in the main hall.

I didn’t actually get an opportunity to sit in on any of the talks as I was so busy!! We were told we could leave our stalls unattended so as to glean some of the content in the main hall but to be honest, there were so many people coming and going, it was never the right moment. Sianthenaturalhairedbaker covers what went on inside the main hall so pop over to her blog and have a read and see her pics, great blog.

My girl Yo helped me out tremendously on the day and I’d like to say a big big thanks to her – ‘Thanks Yo’. She’s since been taken out to dinner and had the pick of my products to choose from. She was very engaging on the day (that’s not to say she isn’t normally engaging). I was so proud of her, the way she extolled the benefits of using my products and demonstrated on customers hair using the Hair Latte, followed by the Cocoa Frappucino and then the Sweet Marmalade Pomade to seal! A lovely customer even commented on the approachability of myself and Yo. She said that no matter how good someone’s product may be, if they aren’t friendly/approachable then she won’t buy from them. So thank you for those lovely words if your reading x

Yo doing her thing

Yo doing her thang

I saw a fair few bloggers/vloggers such as Laila-Jean aka Fusion of cultures/Neffyfrofro. I often watch her YouTube channel and always refer people to her site who want help with transitioning etc. I’ve always commented on how ‘cute’ she is with great hair but I must say, she is even prettier/striking in person! Very pretty! She was with her lovely friend Kaila. I found Kaila very nice and friendly and she purchased the Shea Bliss Body Glaze which is a scented body oil with a unisex type fragrance. We always sell out of this scent. Even one of the stylists (Michael) from Design Essentials bought it and when we saw him at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show on Bank Holiday Monday, he was still going on about the smell!!

Some but not all of the bloggers/vloggers I saw were Crystal Afro of United Kinkdom, Queenteshna, The Naprika (with her fiery streak), lolascurls,  the beautiful talented Kadijakamara and my doll Sugarkinesis (who berated me for not having her Vanilla Whip Hair Buttercreme) I will make it up to you girl.

Lovely Tope Beesley owner of Mahogany Naturals, came down to enjoy the event although she wasn’t exhibiting and showed her support by purchasing the Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque and Cocoa Frappuccino Leave In Conditioner, so ‘Thank you Tope!!’


Me & Tope of Mahogany Naturals





2 Hotties - Merissa & Ayoki

2 Hotties – Merissa & Ayoki

Merissa of Naturally Simple Haircare and Ayoki with her fierce Blonde shaved hair were also there.

It was nice seeing some of the fellow vendors again: iloveafro, Imanmade, BeUnique and the lovely Akua of Sheabutter Cottage (love that woman)!! although my partner in crime Annette (Almocado) was not there. And it’s always an honour to see my old customers and meet new ones.

Sasha of Iloveafro

   Sasha of Iloveafro


Imanmade although that's not her in the pic but her lovely assistant!

Imanmade although that’s not her in the pic but her lovely assistant!

Met the ManeDiva girls. We often converse via Instagram so it was nice to actually meet them. Also met the lovely Sal, owner of Root2tip and her gorgeous mum with whom I spent a good bit of time nattering away too!! She is a very inspirational woman and this shines through in her daughters attributes.

I decided to do Essential Packs which consist of Jamaican Black Castor & Nilotica Conditioning Shampoo, Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque, Fusion Finishing Rinse and Cocoa Frappuccino Leave In Conditioner. These went down very well, in fact I sold out of them. They are 100ml sizes, apart from the Clay Masque which is 113g. Very handy for taking abroad. I will be adding these to the site. I also sold out of the Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque and Cocoa Frappuccino and Hair Latte. Sianthenaturalhairedbaker has done a review of the Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque if your curious to know how that works.

Kinky Grils Essential Kit

   Kinky Grils Essential Kit



Kinky Girls Essential Kit

  Kinky Girls Essential Kit

Kinky Girls Essential Kit

Kinky Girls Essential Kit




Bukky you should be very proud!! Superb day!

After Curlvolution, I planned to rest up on the Sunday, but my friend had other ideas. Her sister was having a Garden Party and wanted me to bring my wares to sell. I had to make a few extra bits that I had run out of so couldn’t even sleep in. It was a nice day and I’m glad I went, but come Monday I was knackered! but as it was Afro Hair and Beauty Show, ‘Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!” so I had to push my tiredness to one side.

Decadent Men's Range at Garden Party

Decadent Men’s Range at Garden Party


Impromptu Garden Party

Impromptu Garden Party












Afro Hair & Beauty Show

Afro Hair & Beauty Show

The Event was a lot smaller than previous years I had attended. I didn’t really see a lot of bloggers/vloggers either. I think the majority went the day before. I saw Crystal Afro, the Mane Diva girls (one of which had a big chop done on the day by Michael of Design Essentials), Bukky (the organiser of Curlvolution) and I do believe that was it.

Enroute to Afro Hair & Beauty Show

Enroute to Afro Hair & Beauty Show













Big Chop - Man Divas

Big Chop – Mane Divas












Saw lots of natural haired lovelies. I find natural hair so versatile and it never seizes to amaze me, the styles that can be achieved! Truly unique!

The ORS ‘Lounge’ was basically a table opposite their main stand. We received our free goody bag, the majority of which I gave to my friend as I wouldn’t be using most of it. I didn’t like the so called natural ingredients contained within. I was very grateful to ORS for providing me with 2 free tickets. I won’t be in a hurry to attend next year unless I receive free tickets again. What does anyone else think of the Event?

20130602-174205.jpg 20130602-174153.jpg 20130602-174138.jpg 20130602-174129.jpg 20130602-174119.jpg


After all that excitement, I treated my Chick Yo to some food and Cocktails! Well she doesn’t drink so the cocktails were for me!!

20130602-174019.jpg 20130602-174031.jpg 20130602-174040.jpg



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