5 Minute Protective Styling


Just wanted to show a quick idea for a protective style.

I bought a pony piece when I first started wearing my hair natural some 4yrs ago….. I picked a piece that was similar in texture to my own, although a lot more smaller curls/corkscrew. I never did end up wearing it though…..

I’ve seen ideas with the Marley hair, used to create updos so that got me thinking about this pony piece. I retrieved it from my box of weaves and combed the curls out…way too tight. That got it looking more like my texture. Then I simply put my hair in a high ponytail with my ends tucked in (look at me all protective styling and ish!) and secured the pony piece over my now pony bump. Used some bobby pins and the combs in the pony piece to make sure it was secured properly. I also flipped the pony around so the longest piece (the back) was now facing the front.

I played about with it until I got something reminiscent of a pompadour.

There’s quite a few styles you can do with this piece such as a Mohawk. I will be playing about with it some to see what I come up with.

What do you think??







And the back view:


When all else fails, I just throw on my wrap!!



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