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Hey Kinky peeps! How y’all been keeping?? I’m sure this dreary weather hasn’t had anyone feeling very spring like of late…..Hopefully we’re coming to the end of this bout of crap weather! Does anyone’s hair regimen change in the spring/summer months? I tend to wear my hair out more often. Autumn and Winter I basically live in my hats/caps but that look doesn’t quite work with pretty summer frocks ;0)


Some of my Winter headgear

Aside from wearing my hair out, my regimen doesn’t really change, I still use the same products which is basically my Hair Latte followed by a small bit of Cocoa Frappuccino and either my butter or one of my balms to seal. If I want a more defined kink, then I use a bit of Flaxseed Gel. I find that the Golden Flaxseeds are less drying to my hair than the brown ones but also a lot thinner in consistency so I usually make some kind of Flaxseed Custard adding amongst other things Guar and butters to thicken. This produces a very nice twisting custard which cuts down on frizz and really elongates your curls. A welcome side effect I don’t always welcome…….



If this weathers been taking a toll on your delicate strands  your still struggling to maintain moisture levels in your hair then you should consider using Castor oil. I’ve been using Jamaican Black Castor oil on the whole length of my hair lately instead of just on the ends and have found that this really helps with moisture retention! Significantly! After twisting my hair, I basically pour a penny size amount in my palm, rub together then run hands down each twist. That’s it! The following morning my hair is so moist. This lasts for a good few days afterwards. I don’t moisturise my hair everyday so I really notice 2-3 days later when it’s still moisturised. The only thing is Castor oil is a thick oil so your hair will be a bit greasier. Only a problem I suppose if you wear your hair out….. Another way of retaining moisture is by doing the L.O.C method. The idea is to use a Liquid, Oil and Cream/Butter. So your liquid would obviously contain a water-based product: Spritz, Aloe etc. Next you add your Oil of choice and lastly your Cream/Butter based product. Has anyone tried the L.O.C method? Have you noticed any difference in your hairs moisture levels? Read more over on the Curly Nikki site


Have you guys seen these pics doing the rounds on social network sites??

image image image  image image

Heat Free Hair Movement

Can you believe these are all weaves?? Amazing right?

These take protective styling to a whole new level!!

As the forerunners in most things hair related, as you would expect, these come from the US. For me to get the length I would like, similar to my own, it would cost approximately $160 per pack and they suggest 2 packs. Add P&P at around $40 and its not cheap….. But it looks so good though!……..May have to treat myself….

Head over to my girl Shelli of Hairscapades for more info.


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