New products online

Hi peeps

Just a quick post to let you know most of the new items are online (shea decadence site). I’m yet to put them up on Etsy Store (sorry to those who’ve been emailing). Endeavour to get that done in the next couple of days.

The new items posted are:

Mocha Latte Scalp Nourisher

Sweet Marmalade Pomade

Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque


Spa Massage Candle



There’s still another 3-4 items to put online and I will be doing that over the next couple of days.

I’ve been experimenting with my new Coffee based leave in conditioner and I must say I’m liking the results!! Very defined coils, looks like I’ve used gel….watch this space!!

I’m also working on a Co wash (conditioner wash). It started out as a conditioner to be used for washing out my henna but noticed it would be a good co wash product. May need some testers so any volunteers will be welcome….

I forgot also Fusion Finishing Rinse (Infused Apple Cider Vinegar)



6 responses to “New products online

  1. reading your blog always makes me hungry! It’s almost like reading a food blog…. I volunteer my head of kinky curls, I’m a henna head too but I might need to switch my brand I love the deep red colour but the washing out process takes forever and I’m left with debris in my hair no matter how long I wash it out and the water has run clear.

    • Lol
      What brand of henna do you use? I use karishma. Henna is hard to rinse out but it’s worth it, I luv the red hue my hair has. I will defo get you to try the co wash when I’ve mastered it x

      • I use Henna Boy, Yemeni Henna, it has a high lawsome content, I also buy “extra red from them” it’s a natural colour booster made from an Indian root, it deepens the colour, my hair is dark cherry red. However I think they are very expensive…

      • I use to use the same from Henna boy and stopped because they are so expensive. I read Karishma is Rajasthani henna. It’s gives me the same amazing coppers as henna boys. I was gonna try the red booster but I have manjistha powder and was planning to add that to my mix to see what I get.

  2. Speaking of henna, I have looked at a lot of videos and I want to use henna but I don’t want my hair color to change. Is that possible or will I end up with red highlights?

    • If you just want the benefits of Henna, then I would suggest Cassia which won’t change your hair colour. If your hair is black and you’d like more of a ‘richer’ black, then use henna followed by indigo.

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