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Hi guys

I’ve been MIA once again these last few weeks. Preparation was full steam ahead for the 2inspire Ladies Day Event which was held at The Crowne Plaza, Docklands this past Saturday. I have more products in my range now so it took me a while longer to get everything made coupled with my day job. I didn’t get to bed til 03:45am Saturday morning and was back up at 08:00am to get ready for event!! It was worth it though! Was lovely seeing lots of my old customers who raved about how well the products are working for them and specifically came down to the event to stock up, and it was nice to meet lots of new customers!

Met up with Sianthenaturalhairedbaker have a look at her blog, it’s a great read. As the name suggests, she also bakes amazing looking cakes (I’m yet to sample).

I linked up with my partner in crime again Annette of Almocado. Our tables were positioned side by side which was great as I was a one woman show for most of the day.

Had lots of new goodies to showcase! I sold out of the Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque which made its debut. I know many natural haired gals have used Rhassoul and/or Bentonite clay to cleanse/condition their hair, and most will comment on the softness and definition they get from using the clays. Rhassoul is excellent at cleansing your hair and scalp but not drying out your natural oils. It also attracts heavy metals and chemical residues, pesticides etc and replaces them with nourishing trace minerals. Couple that with Mineral rich Seaweed and soothing Aloe Vera and you have the Mineral Rich Clay Hair Masque. My SIL uses it on her relaxed hair as a deep conditioning treatment with great effect, so it isn’t just suitable for naturals. The great thing about this Masque is that there is no need to use a conditioner afterwards as Rhassoul is a cleanser and conditioner. This is why I love it, because it enables me to cut down on time spent washing my hair!



Another newbie which goes tremendously well with the Mineral Masque is: Fusions Finishing Rinse. This is an infusion of Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root, Horsetail, Coltsfoot, Nettle leaf in a base of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. This fusion takes place over a number of weeks to absorb all the nutrients of each herb. This rinse is then diluted (1tbsp) in 1 cup of water and poured over the scalp/hair. ACV helps to close the cuticles and bring the hairs pH level back to what it should be. Also gives amazing shine and softness and is good for treating dandruff and itchy scalps.

2 other products that made their debut were: Sweet Marmalade Pomade

This product is Shea butter free (for those that have been requesting it) and beeswax free, making it suitable for loc wearers too!! It’s a mix of Kukui Nut butter, Macadamia Nut butter, Organic Sunflower oil infused with Vanilla pods, Carrot Seed oil and a few other goodies thrown in for good measure. Great for adding definition to twist outs , braid outs and gives a glossy high shine especially when applied to dry hair.

Last but not least is the Mocha Latte Scalp Nourisher:



Now this is part of The Coffee Collection that has been formulated for shedding hair and hair loss. As my previous post on tea for shedding talked about, caffeine, found in both Black Tea and Coffee has shown promising results in reducing the effects of DHT which contributes to hairloss. Now I’ve been doing the Black Tea rinses in an effort to cut down my shedding which I think is excessive and I can honestly say that my shedding has improved by 75%…..I haven’t had no where near the amount of shed hair I previously had prior to doing the rinses.
The Mocha Latte Scalp Nourisher, is a deluxe blend of Coffee Butter, Emu oil, Organic Black Cocoa Butter, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (infused with Black Tea) and Olive oil infused with Coffee Beans). This is lightly whipped to aid absorption into the scalp and only a small amount of product is needed.

As well as the regular Jamaican Black Castor oil, we know also offer Black Tea Infused Jamaican Black Castor oil, again to address shedding.

Anyway, a few pics from yesterday’s Event:











Some of the nutritious treats pre Event:



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