Month 1 of 3 month Hair Pledge

So I finally got around to doing my hair on Sunday, pre poo, henna etc. I’ve been so busy the last 3-4 days I haven’t even had time to see my poor Boo!! That will be rectified soon!

Worked everyday last week (my day job, or should that be night job) I got called out twice last week after 1am and returned home at 3:30am! On top of that, I had my usual orders to do for Shea decadence and Kinks.

V.I.P (Valentine Indulgent Packs) are now available online, I think there are only 10 left:








Well I did my pre poo but I didn’t like the Molasses in the mix. Way too sticky! I’ll stick to using it in my Shampoo bars instead. I left it in overnight and then washed it out and proceeded to henna. I used marshmallow root, horsetail, nettle and Green tea as my water content as shown in top left pic. The picture of the chair is the area where I applied the henna. As you can see, not a drip anywhere! I’m a pro at applying henna now ;0)

I didn’t sleep in the henna this time as I didn’t have the time so left it in for about 4hrs.Washed it out then applied my black tea rinse, which I let sit for 30mins. I then added my conditioner directly on top and used my heat therapy wrap for a further 30mins. Rinsed out and used ACV (pictured bottom right) as final rinse!!



Can you see my copper reds? they actually look ginger in the picture.

I gave my hair a well needed cut aswell. Cut, not a trim. Took about 3 inches minimum off as I had some crazy split ends!! Can you see in the pic? Some of them have 3-4 splits on the 1 strand! Look like a Fir Tree!!

So we will see if all this palaver results in less shed hair!!


5 responses to “Month 1 of 3 month Hair Pledge

  1. Hi, I sent you a message about the VIP on facebook. It’s probably too late now but what is the best way to contact you about your products? Thanks.

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