Bantu knot out Fail!!

As my straightened hair is starting to ‘poof’ ever so slightly, I thought it was the perfect time to put in some bantu knots. Bantu knots are basically like chiney bumps. You twist a section of hair and wrap it around itself:

bantu knotsThe idea is, once you remove the knots, you get nice waves as if you have used tongs or rollers.

To prepare for these gorgeous waves, I used a little bit of leave in conditioner (not too much as it is water based and I didn’t want to cause more frizz) and some JBCO & Nilotica balm to smooth and seal. I then twisted and twirled the hair around it self.

Probably left them in for 3-4 hours but they kept loosening! hmmm, will we get gorgeous beach waves after all??



1st impressions, not too bad. It’s doing its wave thing. Lets take down some more:

OK, so straight in some parts but overall it’s doing what its suppose to do. Lets fluff a little:

bantu take down 5Me waves have all but fallen out!!

bantu take down 3


bantu take down 2

bantu take down 1Yep Straight! Alas my waves have washed ashore.

Oh well, throw in a clip:

bantu take down 4I will be embarking on the start of my 3 month hair pledge this week, starting with a pre-poo before I henna. I’m going to use Green Tea and Marshmallow Root as my water content, contrary to what I normally use as outlined here. So watch this space for updates!!

So just got back from the Cinema watching  Django Unchained with the Mr, not before filling our belly’s (showing off using chopsticks!) I was too hungry for that, pass me a fork!

miso 1



So what do you guys think of Django? Do you think it was done sympathetically? Do you think it was controversial? Would it have been received differently if directed by Spike Lee? Comments below please.


2 responses to “Bantu knot out Fail!!

  1. Hi, first of all I want to say I love your blog and I can’t wait to order some of your products – I’m a bit of a PJ so I’m trying to finish up the stuff I currently have before buying new ones. However I will be ordering some of your heart shaped candle melts sooner rather than later 😉

    I really didn’t know there was a difference between chiney bumps and bantu knots I thought it was just regional cultural differences for the same technique? I think your hair still looked lovely maybe the bumps/knots needed a little while longer to set? One of the great things about natural hair is that even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how we imagined we can still make it work.

    As for Django I enjoyed the movie and was thoroughly entertained, I was already a Tarantino fan though, so I was prepared for the violence, I wouldn’t say it was done sympathetically per se, but I as a black woman was not offended. It was not a documentary or intended to be a completely accurate historical account. It was controvesial of course but all his movies are, also regarding the N-word if they didn’t use it, it would have been ridiculous and almost patronising because we all know that’s how they referred to us at that time in that place. It would have been received differently if directed by Spike Lee, but I don’t think it would have made such an impact in “mainstream” cinema.

    • Hey thanks for commenting!

      I’m sure you will love the massage melts, they are really quite ingenious!

      I don’t think there is a difference between chiney bumps and Bantu knots, I think it is totally regional.
      I definitely needed to let them set a while longer.

      How do you wear your hair? Natural, relaxed?

      You summed up my thoughts on Django perfectly! I wasn’t offended by Tarantinos portrayal neither by the use of the N word simply because of the context it was used in. Anything else wouldn’t have been a realistic portrayal of the era.

      I too believe the film would’ve been received differently if Directed by Lee.

      I for one enjoyed it.

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