I’m on Hairscapades!!

Hey guys!

My girl Shelli from Hairscapades featured me on her blog under ‘Naturals in London’. It gives more of an insight into my reasons for relaxing my hair then ultimately returning to my natural state.

Shelli has a great blog with lots of useful information and she’s met Curly Nikki!! Can’t say better than that! Have a read when you get a chance, I enjoyed doing the post thoroughly!


So how’s everyone been coping with the snow? This is the one time I truly appreciate working freelance….if I don’t want to go out then I don’t have to.

How have you been protecting your hair and skin against the cold? Skin tends to be drier in the winter due to central heating (dry heat) and obviously the dry cold air. Also you need to protect your lips as they don’t produce their own oils.

My hair is still currently straight so when I have ventured out, I’ve just worn it in a twist and thrown my cap on:

I endeavoured to do a length check and my hair now touches my waist tattoo:

I hadn’t straightened my hair in over a year so hadn’t noticed it had grown….

Yesterday was the 1st day I had been out in the snow as I had a craving for Cheesecake so I trundled down to Sainsburys to get supplies so I could make one. My rubber wellies defo came in handy, I didn’t slip once!

I decided to make a lemon cheescake which will probably be eaten by me, myself and I as The Mr doesn’t like cream cheese.

Today I spent a relaxing afternoon/evening with my boo watching 6 episodes of Dexter. Does anyone else watch Dexter?? I luv dexter even though he makes me nervous to watch……I always think he’s gonna get caught out!

Valentines will shortly be upon us so I need to finalise what I will be including in the Packs as Valentines is always a busy time for me. One thing that will definitely be in the packs are my Spa Massage Candles:

These are excellent moisturisers to use. Similar to my solid melts but obviously the massage candles are lit just like a regular candle and when the oils and butters melt, you then use the oils to moisturise……Very sensual!


2 responses to “I’m on Hairscapades!!

  1. Awww, that’s so sweet:)! It was a pleasure having you and sorry for taking so long to post!!! Your hair is GORG and I know it’ll inspire ladies everywhere!!

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