Straight Hair Don’t Care!

I decided to straighten my hair for a tad. What d’you think? It needs a trim…..

Last time I wore my hair straight was October 2011! I actually prefer my hair curly but it’s a nice change from twisting, spritzing etc. All I need to do is add a bit of my JBCO & Nilotica balm, wrap at night and that’s it!!

I usually try and wear it straight for two weeks. During that time, I will do Bantu knot outs which gives lovely waves as if you’ve tonged your hair.






6 responses to “Straight Hair Don’t Care!

  1. Pretty! I still straighten mine a few times per year. Mostly so I can trim or cut some bangs if I want. Your hair looks very healthy. I like it.

  2. It looks great!! I love that loose side pony twist with the hat!!! I may be stealing it! So simple, yet so chic!!


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