“I’ll bun when I’m old”

So, as its getting colder, will any of you be wearing your hair in protective styles? I must admit, I’m not really one for protective styling. It’s obviously beneficial to the health and growth of your hair as its not constantly being manipulated but I always say “i’ll bun when I’m old”.

A lot of naturals wear their hair in a protective style 99% of the time and will only wear it out for special occasions. So basically they wear weaves, wigs, plaits, twists etc to keep their ends protected, thereby reducing friction on the oldest part of the hair strand. Personally I like to enjoy my hair by wearing it in any style I please. I’m just really not that strict about ‘hair’. I am not my hair! I don’t see the point of going through all the effort of caring for your hair, only to be too afraid of wearing it out for fear of stunting growth because it inadvertently rubbed against your woollen coat.

You will definitely retain length with protective styling but I think it’s important to lighten up a little and enjoy all your hard work. Your hair is stronger than you think. When I think of the abuse I use to bestow upon my poor strands, I’m surprised I still have hair. Have a read of ‘Why I went natural’ to get an idea.

Having said all that, I may put my hair away in a protective style for a bit just to give myself a break from it, and it from me.


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