Thanks Guys


Hello all.

Hope everyone had a good break over the festive season! I was filling orders right up to Boxing Day!

I don’t celebrate Christmas so it was just like anyother day to me. Just as well as my lovely customers kept me so busy.

I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who have supported me this past year and especially to my customers who make it possible! Im always striving to produce more and better products to add to the range and It’s always nice to get feed back to know your appreciated……

Anon: Hi I recently bought some of your products which worked fantastically on my hair and wanted to purchase some more.., do u have a website or catalouge? Thanks

Anon: Ok Sharon I am amazed by your products ! The leave in is great, I’ll take 150ml. Can I use it everyday ? It gives my hair a nice sheen and condition feels better after only a couple days use.

Anon: My friend said the oil (Omega Rich Serum) is wicked! no more dry patches. Can you drop me one off when u are free plus I want to get my sister and her husband a gift let me know what you have male and female. Ta.

Feedback like that makes it all worthwhile!!

I did 2 more Corporate Events leading up to Christmas:

Some of the goodies and pamper packs I have recently done.





Gourmet Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub



Sparkling Body Glaze



Melting Moments Sweet Orange Bath Melts




Decadent Pamper Packs






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