Flaxseed Gel Fast!

I’m on a Flaxseed Gel fast! I know I know…..everyone knows how I luv flaxseed gel so…. So why the fast you ask? Well as much as I luv the definition and hold it gives, it’s not very moisturising and leaves my hair dry.
I’ve been using flaxseed gel (FSG) for about 3 years and I always add additional ingredients to make it more moisturising like oil, glycerine and a touch of honey but still it dries….and so the story goes… Does anyone else find FSG drying?

For the last week, I’ve omitted the FSG out of my regimen and have been experimenting. Yesterday I used my hair latte to dampen an old twist out, I then added a little bit of the Cocoa Frappuccino Leave-in, tiny bit of the Kinky Girls Hair Pudding and used the JBCO & Nilotica Balm to seal. This time I didn’t twist hair? I just left it to dry. Well I must say, I absolutely loved the definition I got! My hair felt much thicker than usual due to the fact I didn’t do a twist out which elongates your curls and not dry.

What do you think of the results?






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