Full KINKS Hair Range is nigh!!

Can you believe the  full hair range will finally be available within the next week!! I’ve been going back and forth finalising details with the Chemist since April, so for 6 months now! Long time……..

Actually, the entire full range won’t be available until January 2013…..but the leave-in conditioner, Hair milk and Shampoo will be available, and the Kinky Girls Hair Pudding, Silk Hydrating Hair Mist and Clay/Mud Masque will follow closely behind.

COCOA FRAPPUCCINO (Moisture Plus Leave-In Conditioner)

The leave in has been going down a storm for the last 6 months. It is an intensely rich concentrated leave in conditioner that will soften your kinks from the first use!! You can take that to the bank! Some of the key ingredients:  my staples (JBCO and Premium Organic Nilotica Shea Butter), Organic Black Cocoa Butter, Panthenol, Silk Amino Acids……

Ideal used on dry or damp hair. When I use it on my dry hair, my hair ‘kinks’ up as if I’ve put water on my hair. I’m sure you wont be disappointed!! This nourishing leave-in is pH balanced to aid in keeping the cuticles smooth.


Decadent Styling Cream:  A rich blend of Organic  Butters and Vegetable oils, Organic Aloe vera gel,  strengthening Panthenol and film forming Wheat protein,  creates a highly effective hair product. When I use the KGHP, I don’t have to use flaxseed gel and the KGHP really lengthens my curls due to less shrinkage.

Use to define YOUR curl pattern and tame frizzy hairlines. Great for a multitude of styles but especially twist/braid outs.


The picture to the left is my friends hair after twisting with the KGHP and the picture on the right is my hair after a twist out using the pudding. I’ve taken both the Cocoa Frappuccino and the KGHP to both hair Events I did a few months back and they equally received rave reviews. Everyone that tried either, wanted to buy the actual testers!!

HAIR LATTE (Hair Milk):

This is a moisturising light milk ideal to use in place of a water spritz if you require more conditioning. Excellent for everyday use or to refresh a style.


An oil-free spritz so also suitable for locs/sisterlocks wearers as well as natural kinks, curls & Coils.

Nourishing and fortifying, it will revive dry kinks and curls. Use as a daily refresher followed by one of our butters or oils to seal in the moisture.

Key ingredients;  Organic Aloe vera, Vegetable Glycerine, Panthenol, Silk, Protein….


We have 3 hair Butters: Walnut Whip, Vanilla Whip and our new addition; Winter Whip!

Winter Whip (mustard coloured butter) is a lush decadent butter formulated to protect your delicate kinks from the harsh winter months. Its like wrapping your hair in a protective blanket coated in toasted almonds. Nutrition for your hair!!

Key ingredients: Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Nilotica Butter, Organic palm oil,  JBCO, Organic Soy Lecithin, Carrot Seed oil…….


I know I’ve reviewed this product before but it is really good. I love it for sealing my ends, others use it to do twistouts.

A recent review I received: “Love that balm thing, going on to 3rd day hair – really moisturising”.

And another satisfied customer: ” Ok so I purchased the JBCO & Nilotica balm for my hair, to give it shine and hold when I do twist outs………. I just want to say, I am sooooo glad you recommended this product as it does exactly what I need for my hair, it gives my twist outs the perfect shine and hold for a long time. But most importantly it totally cut down on my frizz!! It smells nice and has a lovely smooth texture. Big shame it doesn’t come in a bigger size. From a much loved fan of your products”.

It offers nice hold due to the minimal inclusion of beeswax, and amazing shine thanks to the high proportion of JBCO.  Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and see….



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