The Transitioner

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about hair. Today I thought I’d tackle the struggle that is transitioning.


What is transitioning? The transition i’m talking about is the stage where you have 2 textures on your head, e.g new growth and relaxed ends or new growth and texlaxed hair. The new growth will not be chemically treated as the aim is to achieve natural hair.


Personally, I found this stage very challenging, but fortunately for me, I wore my hair in a weave during this period as I wasn’t even aware at the time that what I was effectively doing was transitioning. Read here and it will make more sense to you.


I hated washing my hair with 2 textures, it would ultimately matt up! Did/has anyone else have/had that problem? it was so annoying!! It was only once I cut off the relaxed ends that I was better able to deal with my own texture. You see what products work for relaxed hair, doesn’t always work with natural hair and you may find that your tempted or do indeed straighten your natural hair to take on the appearance of your relaxed hair.


Alternatively, what you can try is doing twist outs or braid outs where the hair is twisted or braided and then unbraided/untwisted once dry. This will give you a uniform curl all over and the demarcation mark wont be as noticeable.


Example of Twist out:





Another thing you can try is using large jumbo rods which effectively straightens your hair without using heat:


Example of using Jumbo Rods:




If your new growth/natural hair isn’t at the length that your happy with and cutting it isn’t an option (I totally get short hair isn’t for everybody), then you can wear protective styles until it gets to a length that your more comfortable with. Try braids (not tight), weaves (not tight) or wigs. Be patient while growing your hair out.  Ensure you moisturise your new growth to prevent breakage from the 2 textures merging together as the chemically treated hair tends to be weaker than natural hair. In fact, treat your whole head as if it’s all natural! Lay off the GHD/Hot combs as much as possible or you may end up with heat damage before you’ve even cut of your relaxed ends……. Ensure you do hot oil treatments and regular protein treatments to strengthen the hair. Deep conditioning is key to minimising breakage.


Ultimately you will have to cut off the relaxed hair……..yes siree!! The relaxed hair will not transition to natural hair the longer you leave it and after a time, your relaxed ends will look stringy and bedraggled next to your fuller thicker natural hair so it’s gots to go!!


Don’t expect to treat your natural hair the same as your relaxed hair……Combing relaxed hair isn’t a problem when dry. When your hairs natural…..not so good! Whereas when you was natural you stayed away from water like the wicked Witch of the West, your hair when natural will actually crave water. Water is the best moisturiser there is for our afro hair. Take time to learn what your hair likes and doesn’t like irregardless of what someone else does with their hair. Everyone has different textures so don’t hate on your hair if it isn’t the texture you envisaged. I would like to rock a big bodacious afro but my hair is too limp for that. It is most likely that the texture you have whilst transitioning, will not be the texture your left with once you cut off your relaxed ends and start treating your natural hair in its entirety. Work with what you have and make it the most healthy it can be and you will see length retention and growth.


Avail yourself of the wealth of information on the internet i.e Youtube, Blogs, Hair forums etc. And don’t be afraid to ask questions and comment. There’s no fun doing blogs/vlogs if there’s no interaction, otherwise how will we know what we write/video is of any benefit or use?

Find your staple products……If you find something that works, don’t be tempted to try every new thing on the block. You need to give a product a chance to work. Understand there’ll be occasions when you’ll feel like giving up and reaching for the creamy crack (relaxer) and indeed you well might, but don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t just get 1 chance to make the switch form relaxed to natural. If you try and it doesn’t work out for you then there’s nothing to say you can’t try again at a later stage when your more equipped to deal.


What d’you think of Prince’s new look:





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  3. All I can say is wow and thank you for the repost. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. My blog is brand new and this is very encouraging. Blessings to you!

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