Tamanu Skin Salve & Oil

In this post I asked you kind folks to give your preference on whether you would prefer a whipped butter, balm, salve or oil based product to go along with the Tamanu Soap. Unfortunately, only one person replied….(Thank you. You know who you are x).

Funnily enough, I had a custom request on the weekend for an Eczema kit so I was forced to make a decision and decided on a Salve and an Oil:



The Replenishing Skin Salve & Replenishing Skin Oil contains lots of goodies like Comfrey leaf (good for inflammation), Plantain leaf (good for itching associated with eczema), wonder oil Tamanu, Amazonian oils and much more.

Both the Salve & Oil sinks in quickly and does not leave a greasy skin feel, but leaves skin feeling very moisturised. They both should be helpful in aiding with problem skin conditions whether that be eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis etc.





3 responses to “Tamanu Skin Salve & Oil

  1. I have already voted on this issue. I am eager to know how effective this will be without doubting you at all.

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