Mud/Clay Wash


The last 2 times I washed my hair, I used my mud/clay cleanser/treatment. I am so liking the ease of this!! When I use mud/clay, it’s the only time I can get away with not conditioning my hair afterwards, and it makes detangling a breeze!! To ensure there’s no mud left on your scalp, you can follow with an ACV rinse.

I hate wash days as I find it long and laborious……. Because of the nature of my work (Freelance), I do not have the time nor the inclination to spend most of the day sorting out me barnet! Enter mud wash…….. What I did was put it in before going to bed then rinse it out in the morning and voila! Done! Proceed to style as usual. Obviously this doesn’t foam or sud like a conventional shampoo but it does not need to. It draws dirt etc from the scalp.

Have you done a bentonite or Rhassoul clay cleanse/condition and if so, how have you found it?

Why it’s effective:-  Rhassoul clay has been used on skin and hair for over 1,400 years in Morocco. Nowadays the finest spas and resorts worldwide utilize Rhassoul clay for it’s therapeutic benefits. Both clays have high percentages of natural minerals, making the clays highly detoxifying. They can actually exchange themselves for toxic compounds like metals in the hair and skin.The clays don’t contain harmful sulfates, synthetic preservatives, petrochemical derivatives or cones and after just one use, you should notice enhanced volume, extremely soft and manageable hair without the need of conditioner. Oh and I also forgot to mention that it makes your curls pop!!

Bentonite – referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays which has been used for centuries for both internal and external maladies. It is a sedimentary clay from volcanic ash.

Once combined with water, bentonite has an enormous surface area that stretches open like a highly porous sponge. The toxins are drawn into these spaces and then eliminated.

Rhassoul –Spa quality mineral-rich clay found deep below the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  Rhassoul comes from the Arabic word “rassala” meaning “washing’’. It’s exceptionally gentle and beneficial even for dry hair and sensitive skin and scalp conditions. It’s extraordinary ability to absorb water and form a gel-like consistency makes Rhassoul more effective than other clays for cleansing skin and hair and enhancing the hair’s texture and volume. So just to recap, Rhassoul is:

  • deep cleansing facial and skin cleanser
  • does not strip natural oils from your hair and skin
  • detoxifies (removes impurities)
  • deep cleansing and conditioning treatment for hair
  • clarifies your hair
  • nourishes your hair
  • improves skin clarity, elasticity and firmness
  • smoother hair and skin
  • reduce secretion of sebum
  • treat and heals eczema, psoriasis, and acne

These are my sisters results after doing a Bentonite Mud wash:

It’s also beneficial for all skin types – Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Teenage, Acne, Eczema etc. It is mild, and good for dry skin as it does not take the natural oils away.

How to use Rhassoul on the face

Use quarter of a teaspoon blended with water  to cleanse your face thoroughly.

For a facemask mix 1tsp with water or rose water for its anti-inflammatory property, apply the paste on wet face and leave it for about 10 minutes. Keep the mud damp with a water spray or simply by applying little water with wet fingers. Rinse your face withcool water. The clay draws out excess oils and bacteria, leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and nourished. Moisturise your face as normal.

Out of the 2 clays, I prefer Rhassoul for hair use as I find it more conditioning. Bentonite is cheaper than Rhassoul though…..

I actually use Rhassoul clay in a number of my soap recipes as it adds that certain something… My 2nd favourite soap (to my Neem Bar) is my Oatmilk & Rhassoul Clay bar.

So if your concerned with using sulfates, silicone and what not in your shampoo, perhaps a mud wash may just be the thing for you……………


One response to “Mud/Clay Wash

  1. Hey sis, thanks for stealing my pic! Lol but you’re right the rhassoul clay does leave my hair feeling so detangled and moisturised. I have also tried the clay mixed with neem
    Powder, coconut milk and my choice of conditioner as a treatment and that leaves my hair feeling super soft. I’ve also literally just tried mixing the clay with coconut milk and neem as a facial mask and my face feels so much smoother and so soft.

    Only question I had was how often can you use the rhassoul clay? As it absorbs oil, will using it on either the skin or hair cause it to have a drying effect?

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