Jamaican Black Castor & Nilotica Butter Balm

Two of my favourite ingredients in 1 product – JBCO and Nilotica Shea Butter = My new favourite hair product!


I noticed my ends are knotting quite a lot recently and I’m not sure why. I can literally see the knots at the ends of my strands. I think it may need a trim/cut……..

I’ve been using the JBCO & Nilotica Balm on the ends after twisting and it is excellent for maintaining hold and keeping my ends looking neat and not frizzy. Also noticed ends aren’t getting as knotty…..result!

Definitely works best on damp hair for hold and gives crazy shine on dry hair thanks to the high percentage of JBCO.

My friend uses it to do her twist outs and loves it. She left feedback on my website:

Antoinette – Gravesend: “Ok so I purchased the JBCO & Nilotica balm for my hair, to give it shine and hold when I do twist outs………. I just want to say, I am sooooo glad you recommended this product as it does exactly what I need for my hair, it gives my twist outs the perfect shine and hold for a long time. But most importantly it totally cut down on my frizz!! It smells nice and has a lovely smooth texture. Big shame it doesn’t come in a bigger size. From a much loved fan of your products”

There’s also a JBCO & Emu oil scalp pomade which I haven’t added to the site yet. It is said that Emu oil has been proven to be the fastest and most penetrating oil into the skin, as well as a trans – dermal carrier for any other added therapeutic ingredients. This means it can penetrate deep into the skin taking other vital ingredients with it. It is also said to reawaken sluggish follicles (read More here). So this was the perfect addition to a scalp pomade. I’ve also added a potent mix of essential oils to the pomade which has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. Its the same blend as the Hair boost elixir which my friend has been using with great success:



Anyway, I will update once I’ve added it to the site for anyone that’s interested.

I’m currently doing a 3 month trial with the Hair Boost Elixir which also contains Emu oil to see if I can stimulate my scarred traction alopecia patch…lol

Will keep y’all posted!


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