Hair Boost Elixir Progress Pics

Hi all

A good friend of mine asked me whether I could suggest/concoct something for a thinning patch she had in her crown area. It was progressively getting larger and obviously causing her distress. The root problem seemed to be stress and an ongoing thyroid problem. This would make it all the more harder for topical applications to be successful as it isn’t just a case of traction alopecia, where you’ve put too much stress on your hair. Nonetheless I suggested she try my Hair Boost Elixir which contains an excellent mix of base oils, chosen for their ability to promote healthy hair growth and a potent combination of essential oils.

We took before and after pics and decided we would do a 6 month trial period. We are currently 3 months into the trial and have taken progress pics.

There has definitely been a great improvement since using the Elixir. The area isn’t as red and tender as it was when she first came to see me, and the patch isn’t as sparse. It is definitely filling in and growing. She is very happy thus far.

Before Pic:                                                             After Pic:


If you’d like to try the Hair Boost Elixir, it’s available on my website


UPDATE!! – Hi Shea decadence lovers, Sorry for my delay in posting my comment on the blog, but I’m still in a state of shock……on the amazing results of using the Hair Boost Elixir!!  I am forever grateful to Sharron for recommending this product to me. And just think, I hadn’t been using it daily as suggested to achieve the best results……. I sure am now though I am sooooooo not playing with this product, it now has a special place alongside my other Shea Decadence products…….so there you go all, it is highly recommended by me so I suggest you should all go and purchase a bottle right now.


5 responses to “Hair Boost Elixir Progress Pics

  1. Hi hun, will this work for traction alopecia of the hairline? I recommended it to a someone with a thinning hairline based on the pictures. Will it have the same effect or do you have a diff product for traction alopecia of the hairline?

    • Hey dear

      Providing there’s no scar tissue, then in theory topical applications should and do work. I didnt think mine would ever get any better but it definitely is much improved to how it use to be. Put it this way, if I don’t point it out to anyone then it’s practically unnoticeable. So for me, it’s hardcore elixir application for 3 months to give it an extra boost. I’ve taken before photos so I’ll be able to see if my scarred section actually sprouts hair lol

  2. Aww that’s great. I’ll let her know. The photos are impressive so far. Can’t wait to see tour progress 🙂

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