SHEA DECADENCE – Decadent Men’s Collection


We finally have the Decadent Men’s Collection available on the website. Still have a few products to add but happy with what’s up so far.

More and more we are seeing Men taking care of their skin and good for them!!

To help them along the way, we’ve given them their own specific products so they can stop nicking yours ;0) Made with predominantly Organic ingredients of course, we have: Gourmet Shaving Oil, made with the finest oils available such as, Argan, Jojoba, Jamaican Black Castor Oil etc. All that just for a shaving oil?? What are we like!!

We have a Lip butter/balm just for the guys, again made with Organic butters;

Skin Hydration Body Oil with a gorgeous aftershave scent. My brother was accosted by a lady on the train after using this oil, telling him how nice he smells!! Greatest thing about this oil is it does not leave a greasy skin feel. This oil was the best seller at both the Uzima and Ladies Day Event.

Skin Boost Body Butter (for the driest of skins) Contains the same great scent as the oil.

The guys have a Deep Sea Mud Spa Bar which is excellent for sensitive skin, with a touch of Neem added to keep skin clear. (i’ll be using this one myself):

There are a few more items to be added like a Clay face scrub and a Sugar body scrub………

These products make great products  for your partners/brothers/dad. Great Christmas, Fathers Day and Birthday presents.




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