Shea Decadence Shop is open for business!!

Dear Blog

I’m sorry for the neglect you’ve suffered of late but I hope to frequent you a bit more… well frequently, now I have a few milestones out of the way.

So how’s everyone been, what y’all been doing?? And a big ‘Hi’ to all my American subscribers too!!

So where did I leave off last time??

Got the Uzima Event out of the way and did the Ladies Day Event on the Sunday just gone. I really really enjoyed it and I sold double the amount I did at the Uzima Event. Met lot’s of lovely customers and advised on hair products/techniques etc. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most, conversing with people about hair.

Me and the lovely Annette of Almocado, were a good tag team. We mixed her spritz/twist & twirl with my Kinky Girls Hair Pudding and was able to get some crazy definition on a willing subjects hair. I will endeavour to get the photos off Annette and post them.

Also, the website is finally up and running so come on over and have a look and knock yourselves out ;0)

We have lots of Jamaican Black Castor Oil* in stock and a decadent JBCO & Nilotica Shea Butter Balm which is fast becoming my favourite product for sealing, adding shine and defining my curls. Currently doing the 2 as a duo which works out cheaper then buying each individually. Also have a potent JBCO & Emu Oil Scalp Pomade. If you don’t know anything about Emu Oil, it is said to be a powerful  transdermal agent that can penetrate deep into the skin, taking other ingredients with it, for instance Essential Oils, for even greater benefit. It is also said to have the ability to reawaken dead follicles. On top of that it is very hypo-allergenic. To this already potent pomade, I added an inclusion of Essential Oils which have been clinically proven to successfully stimulate hair growth. So if your looking for a hair boost pomade, then this just may be it.

Lots of lovely soaps available, although I have sold out of the Triple Neem Bar. I have successfully managed to get rid of an eczema patch I had at the back of my neck by allowing the lather to sit on the patch for 5 mins before rinsing off, twice per day. I then massaged Emu oil into the patch twice per day. I will post some before and after pics at a later date. My brother also has managed to keep his Seborrheic dermatitis under control by using the Neem Bar and the butter I did for him.

The Oatmilk and Rhassoul bar is extremely mild and I have a number of persons with eczema and other skin conditions trying it and so far so good.

What else do we have??

Organic Lip Balms which are very emollient and stay on your lips for a long time, and my personal favourite – Life’s little Luxuries Solid Body Melts. These come in a handy container so you can carry it around in your handbag or leave in your drawer at work. If you’ve never used/heard of solid melts, they are usually made with butters (Shea/Cocoa) and beeswax to keep it as a solid and oils. They melt at body temperature and you just place between your palms and use the resulting oil to apply to any dry patches you have. In fact you use it, much the same way you would use body oil or cream. I find they last a long time and are invaluable to people with kids.

Any way, let me post some pics:




Annette’s products can be found at Here you will find her luscious Twist & Twirl and Curl Mist for dry kinks and curls.

Any way, what are you waiting for?? head over to as we have lots more in store. See you there!


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