Uzima Event Update

Hey peeps, I missed y’all

For the past week I was busy preparing for the Uzima Event which was on the 28th July 12. These are some of the goodies I made and brought with me:





So I really enjoyed the day and with the help of my friend and her daughter it was a success. It was a bit hectic the night before or should that be ‘morning’ of the event?. Basically I ran out of time, and no it wasn’t because I didn’t allocate my time strategically, it was because me bath melts/bombs exploded on me!! I Kid you not. I made the mistake of making them when the weather was at it’s hottest and they started fizzing before they had time to set up. I spent a day re doing them twice before I admitted defeat.

Once I actually arrived (fashionably late I might add)…..It was nice linking up with the lovely Annette of and meeting lots of people like lolascurls, Akua Wood (Sheabutter Cottage) and many others. The main thing that came out of this event is that I need to hurry and get my Site sorted as a lot of people wanted to order online. Thank you to everyone that purchased on the day and I promise I will email all who left their name on the mailing list as to when the Site is up and running!! I spent the majority of Sunday writing content for the Site etc so I’m hoping it will be live in the next couple of weeks. In time for the next event I should be exhibiting at:


Entry is free for this event if you register for tickets beforehand otherwise I think it is £5 on the door. It looks like very promising event so if you guys are at a loose end, why not give it a try??




One response to “Uzima Event Update

  1. Hiya,

    Hope all is well in business, health and spirit.

    I would like to know your thoughts on the recent articles showing Naomi Campbell’s hair loss and the bald spot around her head.

    It has been said that years and years of weaves.. etc is probably the cause of this. I would have loved such an article to be boosted more as I feel that this has to be a good opportunity to motivate black women to keep their hair as natural as possible. I am curious about what you think?

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