Triple Neem Herbal Face Bar Update

My Neem soap has finally cured and I must say it is very very nice. Prior to using this, I was using my African Black Soap which is nice but personally I find it drying. Does anyone else have that problem? I’ve decided to call it Triple Neem Bar as it was made with Neem oil, Neem powder & Neem leaves (infusion) amongst other oils/butters.

My face isn’t stripped or dry when I use the Neem soap and it leaves me with a nice matt complexion (if that makes sense). My brother who was the reason I made this soap, for his seborrheic dermatitis, has said it’s working well and doesn’t dry out his skin. I’ll check back with him in a few weeks time to see if it’s keeping his dermatitis in check!!  I’ve already sold 5 bars and have had to hold on to the last 5 so I can have them for the Uzima Event at the end of the month.


I have been busy making other soaps for the Uzima Event and also for my Ebay Shop I’m going to be opening. The soap pictured below is a Salt Spa Bar that I cant wait to use. Salt bars are made with ‘Salt’ …….no kidding Sherlock… and a high percentage of Coconut oil. Salt cuts down on bubbles/suds but Coconut oil promotes bubbles/suds so that’s why it’s included in a high percentage, to redress the balance. It also has lashings of Shea butter, Palm oil and Olive oil and I added coconut milk or was it goats milk??…… no, it was definitely coconut milk….


Salt bars are mineral rich because of the sea salt. They detoxify, soothe and condition the skin. The bars are also extremely long lasting and take on the appearance of limestone with use. The lather tends to be creamy rather than bubbly and leaves the skin ultra soft. They are suppose to be good for treating eczema too (many eczema sufferers notice their eczema improves after being in the sea because of the salt contained therein).       I can attest using Salt Bars are truly like a spa experience.



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