The lovely Annette of almondavocado.com & avocadoholistic.com Sisterlocks Specialist and Holistic Therapist in South East London has offered to share her stall with me at this upcoming event!! How supportive is that?? I’ve never done an Event before so it’s lovely to be able to dip my toes in with someone who has experience.

There has been quite a few Natural Hair & Beauty events this year already but I have never attended any so this will be my 1st. Now alI I have to do is decide which products I wish to showcase and get creating!!



5 responses to “UPCOMING EVENTS

  1. Hi Kinks,

    Ummm… maybe I can find that ‘special somebody’ – a ‘natural’ black woman, who possesses those attractive attributes I seek, at this event? Ummm… what do you think Kinks?

    Apologies Kinks, I should be focusing on the products & services you are promoting.

    I wish you well.



  2. Wow… you’re not playing are you girl. Looks like a good event to show your wears 🙂

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