Mineral Makeup Update

Yesterday I talked about Mineral Makeup and how certain ingredients in the one I had been using brought me out in a rash, so I decided to make my own (I make everything else, why not my makeup??!!).

I firstly made a foundation and that has been working beautifully but my oily skin still shines through so I thought I’d make an Oil control powder. An Oil control powder does what it say’s on the tin and tends to be translucent so doesn’t really add colour like a foundation. It also sets your make up ‘just so’ so you get that airbrushed look. Among other things,  I added allantoin as  it acts as an occlusive layer. Its actually one of three ingredients specifically approved by the FDA for this purpose (occlusive layer), the others being Dimethicone and Cocoa butter. It also softens skin and causes rapid skin regeneration and speeds up the natural processes of the skin. It is found in Comfrey.  I also added Silk amino acids. Silk amino acids are of low molecular weight, allowing them to penetrate deep into the skin taking their eighteen amino acids and trace elements with them. They have excellent water-binding properties and thus maintain moisture levels in the skin and impart a soft and smooth feel to the skin. Mineral makeup doesn’t require preservatives which is another big plus!!

Oil control powders can be quite costly to purchase, for instance Fashion Fair do a 28g Oil control powder for £23.00!! Mine cost no where near that much to make I tell ya!!

The good thing about mineral makeup is that it last for what seems like forever…….literally months and months and months as you only require a little amount and it lasts all day so no need to keep caking it on throughout the day.

Whilst I was at it, I also made a Bronzing powder and a Blusher as you can see in the picture. The concealer I made last week:


I haven’t been out today so I haven’t had the opportunity to road test it yet but experimenting with it in the house yields very fine results one must add!! The Bronzer gives me a nice golden/bronze healthy glow and the blusher adds just a rosy glow on the cheeks without looking like Aunt Sally….


3 responses to “Mineral Makeup Update

  1. Hi Kinks,

    Well, you are a success and your aspirational goals are to be comended in your promotion of ‘natural’ products while doing all that is necessary to promote, maintain and embrace the sense, the feeling and the reality of natural black women.

  2. Apologies, I was going to add: I hope that black women are inspired, watching and learning at ‘how’ you are promoting your skills and your efforts.

    It’s actually interesting to receive an email from you as I was having a discussion with a colleague of mine about ‘how’ black businesses need always work harder, improve how we promote ourselves and our businesses – depending on which sector we are part of and change the
    perceptions of black business. Yes, we have to be progressive in attitude and dynamically dominant in the market place.

    But, as importantly, we have to learn to Inspire young black boys and girls – letting them know ‘it is possible.’

    You take care Kinks.


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