So guys if you read my previous post  you will know that the name I’ve been using for my Bath & Body range for the past 3 1/2 years (Shea Indulgences) has recently been registered as a Company by someone else in the UK. My fault for not registering it 3 1/2 years ago!! So it was back to the drawing board……

After much toing and froing and many suggestions from family and friends (some very comical) , I’ve decided to call my Bath & Body range ‘Shea Decadence!!’

The initial reason I chose ‘Indulgences’ (Shea Indulgences) is because the majority of products I make in the range, contain ‘Shea’, so the essence of ‘Shea Indulgences’ is to indulge in Shea in all its forms whether it be a bath melt or whipped butter.

I wanted a similar word that conjured up the same feelings as Indulgences meaning ‘pleasurable extravagance’ so I chose the word ‘Decadence’ which among other things, means  ‘A luxurious self-indulgence’……. You can’t get more indulgent then that!!

I’m still hashing out the finer details with the Chemist for the Hair Range, so once that is agreed upon I will get my website sorted etc. In the interim, I’m currently doing all the wording for each and every product…..Very time consuming I tell ya!!

What do you think of the name peeps??


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