I Need Help Guys!!

Many of you know that my Bath & Body Range is called ‘Shea Indulgences’ and has been since it’s inception some 3 1/2 years ago. Many of you also know that I do not have a website and as such, I haven’t had the Company name registered. To tie in with my Hair Range, I decided to register the name/company so I can make steps in getting my website together etc. So yesterday I do a quick check through Companies House and to my dismay, realise that somebody else registered the name some 8 months ago!!………………The other Company is called ‘Shea Indulgence’ and I  am was called ‘Shea Indulgences’ with an ‘S’ at the end.

My 1st thought was ‘Serve you right for procrastinating!’

My 2nd thought was ‘Serve you right for procrastinating!’

Now I have to settle on a new name for the Range and that’s where I was hoping you guys could help me out. I’ve had some good suggestions from my Facebook family but wouldn’t mind some more.

My only prerequisite is that it must have ‘Shea’ in the title. This is because 99% of the Range, contains Shea whether it be the soaps or the oils etc. And remember its pronounced ‘Shea’ as in ‘Sheer’, not ‘Shay/Che’

The suggestions I’ve had so far are: Simply Shea, Indulgently Shea, Shea Charm, Shea Appeal, Shea Grace, Shea Elegance, Shea Exquisite, Shea Splendor, Shea Magnificence, Shea Glamour, Shea Satisfaction, Shea Bliss……

I Like Shea Intentions, Shea Treats & Shea Creations……….

So can anyone come up with anything better??

I tell you what, If I decide on a name that you’ve suggested, I will give you a Pamper Pack which I will adapt for Male or Female use. How’s that for incentive?…lol

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below and also click which current suggestions you prefer on the poll.

Thanks guys!!


5 responses to “I Need Help Guys!!

  1. Hiya just read your blog and it’s such a shame but never mind I’m liking Shea indulgence creations or was it just Shea creations either could work because adding an additional word to what you already have is also a possibility……..so there you go that’s my suggestion hope you like it.x

  2. Hey Kinks,

    Hope all is well.

    Ummm… you’re asking alot from us folk here.. lol!!

    Am I right in saying that any word resembling ‘Pak’ should not be included.. lol!! Ok…

    1. Shea Grand’…. (slogans: ‘Shea Indulgence’ or ‘Pure Indulgence’)

    2. Shea Naturals…. (Slogans: ‘Naturally Sourced for your Skin’ or ‘Natural Resource for your Skin’

    I am sure your business hat is on and will continue to be in deep thought about this one.

    Wish you the best!



    • Ha ha, very funny….

      I liked Shea Naturals but that’s already taken…..

      I have 3-4 I’m tinkering with at present and will decide by the end of the week.

      Thank you for your input Ivor as always

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