Response to What Do Men Find Attractive

Hi Gals & Guys

If you’ve been following the above post, you may have noticed the comments that followed.

One gentleman asked a number of provocative (in my opinion) questions relating to Black woman and their seeming love for European hair/wigs/weaves, basically the opposite of their own hair type.

One of the questions which was asked of me was:

“So, tell me ‘why’ you believe that black women feel this urge, desire or need to express themselves by wearing European hair that is in total oposition to the ‘Africanesque’ image that many of us have grown up seeing black women embrace? 

Also the following statements:

” I do believe there is a motivation or an Influence that has nurtured a ‘confidence’ for competetiveness against European woman in the employment markets and overall professional markets too. I can’t but believe that this is so. One can almost see this ‘boasting’ by black women because ‘their hair now moves with the wind’ just like European women’s hair, and thus, somehow, now black women feel much more confident to ‘enter the race’, when in fact I’d like to say that black ‘natural’ women are already SUCCESSFUL. And, it’s this message that needs to be anchored correctly.. so that it sticks!!”

“No, I don’t feel I am going over the top. We only have to look how the ‘brighter skin’ market has ‘boomed’ as a direct result of this seemingly competetiveness between black women and white women. Somehow, black women feel that the only way to be in the race for jobs and for higher roles, is to look similar to how their white counterparts look. It’s such a shame.. if true”

“once a black woman wear a European blond or fair hair or other colour of wig, for me this is a betrayal of their roots – though not necessarily their culture.?”

Since I cannot answer for all women, I thought I would open it up for all of you to voice your own opinion.

So do you wear straight haired wigs/weaves to somehow get away from your ethnicity and bow to societal etiquette? and do you agree with the views of the gent above?

Please leave your comments below as I’m sure it will make for a very interesting debate.

You can see my responses and opinion by reading the comments on the original post here

4 responses to “Response to What Do Men Find Attractive

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