Wash Day

So, I’m sitting at home wondering whether I should take the chance and wash my hair?….. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a freelancer. Although the pros outweigh the cons, the one negative is that you can’t always plan things as you can literally be called out at any minute second. It’s sods law, I’ll start washing my hair only to receive a call!!

Well tough titty…lol after much deliberation, I’ve decided to just go ahead and do it!! I’ll live to work another day…….

So firstly, I decided I will pre-poo. In short, pre-pooing is simply a pre-shampoo treatment, which is applied to the hair and/or scalp, left on for a period of time and then shampooed out. The benefits are: pre-poos help protect our hair from the harsh shampooing process by providing a barrier between the hair and often harsh shampoo. This is not why I pre-poo as I always use a sulfate free shampoo which isn’t harsh to the hair.Also pre-pooing helps to condition the hair especially if oils like coconut oil are used. Coconut oil has been proven to be able to penetrate the hair shaft. There aren’t many oils that can do this. To understand just how beneficial that is, I will do a separate post on the benefits of coconut oil so watch this space. Some apply oils, conditioners, ayurvedic herbs to there pre-poo, I normally use oils. When I pre-poo I notice my curls really pop and my hair is very moisturised. For some reason I know not, I stopped pre-pooing a while back!! Then a few months ago when the weather was harsh, my hair was so dry one evening I just had to smother it in oil before going to bed, as I had planned to wash it the following morning. In the morning, my hair was so soft I swore I would never neglect pre-pooing again!!

Today I used garlic infused olive oil….yum!! The reason I used garlic is because garlic is suppose to be very good at reducing shedding and halting breakage, see the following link http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Garlic-As-a-Hair-Loss-Remedy

What I did was gently heat some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with approximately 10 cloves of garlic which I slightly bruised. I heated the mix for some 2-3 hours (very low heat). I then strained out the garlic and put in the fridge once cooled. I have had this mix in the fridge for over 1 month.

I poured out what I thought I would need, and to that I added my lovely Jamaican Black Castor Oil and put it the microwave for about 20secs to slightly warm it. It was nice and gloopy/thick………..

I then placed the pre-poo mix into my nozzle applicator bottle (for ease of application) and then applied it to my scalp:

I then massaged my scalp for at least 5 mins before adding the oils to the rest of my hair in sections, ensuring I saturated my hair fully:


Wrapped my hair with a plastic bag and bandana to generate some heat and I will be leaving it in for at least 2 hours. At the time of typing this, I have now had it in my hair for 1/12 hours.

I will shampoo with my JBCO sulfate free shampoo, followed by my intense conditioner containing nilotica shea butter, JBCO and coconut oil. I may add some Rhassoul clay……undecided. I will then do a rinse using Catnip. Now catnip is suppose to be very good at reducing split ends etc but that is quite a long article that I’d love to get into in a separate post, but have a look here: http://forum.blackhairmedia.com/catnip-for-hair-growth-and-split-ends_topic248225.html

I haven’t used it before so I cannot comment on the benefits just yet but I intend to try it out.

Any way, I will follow up on my initial impression after I’ve finished the task that is wash day………

So guys, where did we get up to??………Right I’ve just rinsed the pre-poo oils out of my hair and the curls are a popping:

Finally got the time to update on my experience with Catnip…….So what did I think??

Firstly I noticed my hair had a lot of volume after rinsing out the catnip, much the same as it does when I do a henna or use clay in my hair. Secondly I noticed my curls pattern was very pronounced, unlike henna which tends to loosen my curl pattern, so very happy about that. Lastly what struck me was how strong my hair felt, just like what henna does!!

So all in all, very happy with using Catnip in my hair and will definitely make it a part of my regime. Personally I couldn’t use it as a conditioner though, not moisturising enough…………..I will defo do a thorough post on the benefits of Catnip etc so If your’e interested, make sure to follow this blog…….

See ya



5 responses to “Wash Day

  1. What a wonderful idea. I hope to try it out. Thank you very much for all your hard work and the new ideas you create time to introduce us to. Well done.

    • Ahh. Thank you very much for your appreciation. There’s no fun writing this blog if there’s no interaction with fellow kinksters ;0)
      Glad you enjoy!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work, but well worth it. I’m trying to find a more “natural” way to wash my hair…..it takes a lot of trial and error for us to have such lovely heads of hair, doesn’t it? 🙂
    The things women do….your hair is just lovely!

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