So what’s so great about being natural??

The best thing about being natural for me is:

(1)  No longer having to waste an entire day sat in the hairdressers chair, receiving self imposed scalp burns… Man did I use to get some burns!! Even though I used a kiddie relaxer, that sodium hydroxide would find it’s way into my scalp like no one’s business!! This I do not miss…..

(2)  I luv the versatility of natural hair.   

Going from this: Just add water ;0)                                                             

                            To this……..

(3)  Saving money spent on relaxers, having steam treatments etc. Also saving money spent on hair weaves and application. For some naturals this may not be the case as there are a lot of product junkies amongst us, especially if your just starting out on your healthy hair journey. But if you can stem your addiction, in the long run you will see savings.

(4)   I like the uniqueness of natural hair. No 2 people will have the same hair although textures may be similar. I luv the different styles that can be achieved with natural hair such as afros, twist outs, braid outs, puffs, wash n go’s etc etc

(5)  I no longer have to worry what chemicals from relaxers and colouring (PPD) may be doing to my health in the long term.

(6)  Not having to run from the rain like the plague!! or worry about my hair ‘sweating out’…..

(7)  Hair that is healthy and strong, as it’s integrity hasn’t been compromised or weakened by chemicals (although natural doesn’t automatically equate healthy)

(8) Letting my hair be and not trying to force it into doing something it wasn’t created to do……..

I’d luv to hear what you enjoy most about being natural. Feel free to comment below…..


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