My Ten Hair Commandments

  1. I never, ever, ever comb my hair dry!! I only ever comb my hair when it is saturated with conditioner using finger detangling and a wide toothed comb;
  2. I always sleep with a satin scarf on my head;
  3. I always use a heat protectant if using heat;
  4. I always seal in moisture using either oils or butters;
  5. I do not unduly manipulate my hair;
  6. I never use regular conditioner as a leave-in conditioner; (let me know if you would like me to explain why in a future post);
  7. I ensure I henna my hair at least once per month;
  8. I always deep condition after washing hair;
  9. I always do an ACV rinse as my last rinse;
  10. I always use a T-shirt to dry my hair.

And those are my hair commandments that I live by for the health of my hair and they’ve served me quite well I might add!

Try it and see if it works for you and yours……..


2 responses to “My Ten Hair Commandments

    • Hi Nikidi

      Your question is quite a loaded one that doesn’t have a straight forward answer, hence I have logged it under Q & A on my blog that covers it in detail.

      I hope it answers your question.


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