The BASICS of Hair Care

Wash, Condition, Moisturise, Seal!!…….isn’t that all there is to it?? If only!!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how to wash your hair. Everybody seems to have their own unique way of washing their hair…some co-wash, some use shampoo’s, others use clays/muds or a mixture of all. What is important is getting the scalp clean first and foremost. There’s no point having clean strands with a dirty scalp. Clearing the scalp of product build-up and dead skin cells ensures your hair ducts remain unclogged thereby allowing your glorious strands to grow freely in the optimum enviroment they need…

I’ve recently discovered that the best way for me to wash ‘my’ hair is to wash it in two sections. Now I have seen this done on youtube on many occasions, and have read peoples hair care routine but I have never actually adopted the practice myself. What I noticed with washing my hair this way, is that I receive less tangling. To be fair…I don’t really get that many tangles but it was a lot easier to manage my hair washing this way. I then use an applicator bottle to direct where I need the shampoo and then gently massage/wash my scalp. Complete the other side, then rinse thoroughly….voila

Whenever I wash my hair, I follow through with a Deep conditioner. If I’ve gone through the laborious task  of washing my hair, I might as well go the full hog and deep condition it!! Plus I only wash my hair every 1-2 weeks and I don’t co-wash so it needs the deep conditioning!! I tend to use a heated cap (the kind with the gel inserts you heat up in the microwave) and wear that for 45mins or so.

I know there are ongoing debates as to whether the hair benefits from using a conditioner past 15 minutes. Some say that because most conditioners/ deep conditioners, only condition the outside of your hair (they coat your hair so it will feel soft), using heat for extended periods of time does not help the conditioner coat your hair, nor does it help the conditioner penetrate into your hair. So in essence, habitually applying heat to your conditioner is probably not damaging to your hair, but it does not provide any real benefit….in essence. Personally I feel  better giving my hair a good ole pampering session which involves deep conditioning for anything upward of 45 minutes. That’s just me. I could be wasting valuable time leaving that conditioner in my hair for those extra minutes, but what’s the damage?? unless your over moisturising (too much of a good thing, isn’t a good thing), then I don’t think it’s a problem….but remember, everything in moderation. Before washing out the conditioner, I detangle my hair using my fingers and a wide tooth comb, to avoid snagging and breaking my strands…not always successful I might add….

After I’ve conditioned my hair (which are in twists), I then rinse out still with the twists intact and will either use a protein conditioner if needed, followed by an ACV rinse which my hair loves. I don’t rinse this out. I then untwist hair and follow this normally with a hair spritz/mist or creamy leave in conditioner, then apply my beloved Flax Seed Gel (love love love this stuff!!). Lastly I seal with Shea Butter then retwist! And that is how I wash, condition, moisturise and seal my hair…

In a future post I will list my staple products in more detail and explain how I use them.


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